Animal Heroes

I just got back from another trip to Mexico and it has my heart. The people are kind and generous. The food and beaches are exquisite. I get to practice my Spanish that I took five semesters of at the University of Colorado, which is remembered best when I am hungry. However, I always get discouraged seeing stray dogs everywhere and I feel powerless to help. After seeing a few stray dogs one day and feeling discouraged, I found article in the Gringo Gazette, that stated that there are around 23 million stray animals in Mexico. But there is hope.

There are organizations, such as, Animal Heroes and Pet Air Lift Baja Sur, that are helping to do their part. For example, Pet Air Lift Baja Sur, finds people that are willing to accompany a dog on a flight to the United States or Canada where it will have a better chance of being adopted. The Gringo Gazette states, “[s]o far, they’ve moved 26,000 pets to no kill shelters, and those animals spent an average of just 3.5 days in shelters before they were snapped up.” By snapped up the Gazette means that the dogs were adopted. Even though there is a persistent problem, there are small grassroots organizations and individuals creating opportunities for me to donate to the cause. If you have a heart for dogs please consider contributing to this cause or to another local organization, such as, Jackie’s Blue Rescue Angels.

If dogs are not your thing then find an orphanage or something that you do care about. If you do not have money then give time. Even if you think that there is no-one helping, there probably is like, Animal Heroes. If no-one is helping then start a non-profit and it will grow. Please check out Coastal Pacific Law’s community involvement page if you would like more ideas for local organizations that better the community. Additionally, if you have any questions about starting a non-profit please contact Coastal Pacific Law and we can help.

Posted from San Diego, California, United States.