What is Your Crazy Idea?

Personally, I cannot remember or imagine a world without Nike. I grew up wearing  it. The athletes my schools, including the University of Colorado, were sponsored by them. Recently, I read Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, who is the founder of Nike.

As an entrepreneur, I enjoyed many aspects of this book. If you are an entrepreneur, you are a person that chose a path that is not certain. You feel alone. People do not understand and wonder why you did not just go in the family profession or work for someone else. But you can’t. You have a sickness and a vision. You know that suffering will come but you are willing to endure and work harder than everyone else while they quit on Friday and go out on the weekends.

I love hearing from people who have lived this and succeeded. Knight says, “[h]istory is one long processional of crazy ideas. The things I loved most – books, sports, democracy, free enterprise – started as crazy ideas . . . [l]et everyone else call your idea crazy . . . just keep going.” Knight’s Crazy Idea was to source running shoes from Japan to sell in the U.S. This is at a time when 90 percent of Americans had never been on a plane.

His Crazy Idea grew into something much more and he takes you though all of the stages of its development. What is your Crazy Idea?

Photo by chelsea ferenando

Posted from San Diego, California, United States.