Transfer on Death Deeds in California

In 2015, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 139,  and he established a procedure to transfer real property upon death through a revocable transfer on death deed. This new procedure allows for you to list a beneficiary on a deed for real property that is then recorded with the San Diego County Recorder’s Office. The transfer on death deed allows people that cannot afford a trust to transfer their real property to avoid a procedure called probate.

All of your problems are solved then, right? Not necessarily. An estate plan will always a be superior method of planning versus a transfer on death deed. This is because you probably have more assets than a real property and it will only take care of the property. Additionally, what if something happens to the beneficiary listed on the deed? Then you are back to square one, i.e. probate, when this could have been avoided by a trust.

Coastal Pacific Law attorneys are experienced in probate and estate planning in North County and San Diego, and can help with your deeds or estate plan. If you are interested in a transfer on death deed then contact our firm today. We can draft your transfer on death deed now for $395.00.