What Do You Want to Happen With Your Remains?

Thinking about your demise can be morbid but it also can give you a peace of mind. In most cases people want to be buried, cremated or put to rest in some other way according to their religious beliefs. But if you love the ocean the you should check out, Eternal Reefs. The founders of Eternal Reefs created their company in response to significant deterioration and degradation of the reefs they witnessed while diving. They came up with a plan to create a “material and system that would replicate the natural marine environment that supports coral and microorganism development,” which are pictured above.


The Eternal Reef is around four feet high and made of a mix or your remains and a special concrete that allows organisms to make their home on it. The packages range from $4000-$8000 and even offer different ocean placement options. Additionally, Eternal Reefs wants your pet to be remembered too. If you would like your pet’s ashes to be part of its own reef or part of yours then they are glad to oblige your request.

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Photo Credit: Eternal Reefs

Posted from San Diego, California, United States.