Who Won the CrossFit Games?

If you do CrossFit then you probably already know who won the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games. If you do not do CrossFit then you might want to know that the CrossFit Games are the culmination of three events. It all starts with the CrossFit Open in February. Anyone can sign up and do the workouts for a small expense. If you did the CrossFit Open in 2017 then you would have competed against 304,327 individuals in 127 countries. Then if you are the best in your Region, as defined by CrossFit, you can go to the Regionals Competition. There are 17 Regional Competitions or Regions and the following people can qualify for Regionals:

The following will qualify from 10 Regions in USA and 2 Regions in Canada:

  • 20 men
  • 20 women
  • 15 teams qualify

The following will qualify from Australia and Europe Regions:

  • 30 men
  • 30 women
  • 20 teams

The following will qualify from Latin America, Asia, and Africa Regions:

  • 10 men
  • 10 women
  • 10 teams

If you were to compete in Regionals then you would need to be one of the top 5 once the competition is over to continue to the Reebok CrossFit Games, i.e., five males and five females from each of the 17 Regions will compete in the Games, which is the final event. The winners of the Crossfit Games are titled ?the Fittest on Earth™.? CrossFit claims this title because, ?[the games] are world-renowned as a grueling test for the toughest athletes on Earth as well as a thrilling experience for spectators. The Games were created to fill a void—no other true test of fitness existed. From Ironman triathlons to the NFL, all other athletic events neglected to accurately test fitness. Even decathlons, while testing a relatively wide range of abilities, missed vital components of physical fitness.?

This year, an Australian female named Tia Claire Toomey won the individual female division and an American male Matthew Fraser won the individual male division of the 2017 Games. It was fun to watch. You should try it sometime.

Final top 10 standings for the women:

1. Tia-Clair Toomey
2. Kara Webb
3. Annie Thorisdottir
4. Ragnheidur Sara Sigmundsdottir
5. Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir
6. Tennil Reed-Beuerlein
7. Kristin Holte
8. Jamie Greene
9. Samantha Briggs
10. Kari Pearce

Final top 10 standings for the men:

1. Mathew Fraser
2. Brent Fikowski
3. Ricky Garard
4. Patrick Vellner
5. Noah Ohlsen
6. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson
7. Scott Panchik
8. Ben Smith
9. Alex Anderson
10. Jonne Koski

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Photo Credit: CrossFit

Posted from San Diego, California, United States.